Who We Are

With a lot of love and passion, you can accomplish anything. Natures Remedi was a dream that turned into a reality. From 1985 until 2016 my profession was a cabinet maker and store fixture manufacturer. After many years of physical labor, my body had taken a toll and I was unable to continue physically working. I had my left hip replaced, double hernia, Rotator cuff completely torn and repaired, bicep muscle detached and reattached, after that, I ultimately learned the true benefits of medical marijuana. I have always had a passion for the entire cannabis world and, as for many, I started out as just having fun on the weekends, using it as a way to just “get high” and relax.

I decided I was not going to be a victim of Big Pharma and their addictive medicines for pain management. I quickly learned that marijuana was the cure for most if not all my issues from pain and anxiety, to sleeping issues and bipolar disorder to name a few. In 2016 I decided to change a 31-year career to follow a dream and spread the word of this amazing NATURAL plant that is a cure for so many things. Unable to open a dispensary I decided that CBD and CBG products were the answer as they work great for myself and millions of others. Please stop in and experience our unique store, were opened 7 days a week!